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RJFN internally heated vacuum protection annealing furnace

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1) vertical internal heating type vacuum protection annealing furnace


Composition of vertical furnace body, an inner liner, wind cooling system, electric control system, vacuum system.

2) horizontal internal heated vacuum annealing furnace


The horizontal heating furnace body (including door, a vacuum chamber, a heating chamber, track, the convection fan cooling system, uniform blast machine, pipe valve system), skip, the feeding and discharging mechanisms, vacuum unit, transformer electric control system etc..

Equipment use

Winding iron core transformer, toroidal core, transformer core, silicon steel sheet is really old air annealing, is the ideal equipment for iron core of transformer industry volume production.

Equipment characteristics

High efficiency, large handling capacity, short production cycle. The annealed iron core (silicon) light without oxidation, eliminate the internal stress caused by mechanical processing, improve the core (silicon) and magnetic properties, reducing the iron loss.

According to user requirements of various type of furnace loading quantity, specification size.

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