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Gas furnace ball strong convection type RJQ

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Spheroidizing furnace equipment use

This furnace is my factory in recent years to develop and promote an efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection type annealing furnace used for steel, alloy, Zhou Chenggang, high / medium / low carbon steel wire, screws, fasteners, wire, plate element ball, softening annealing heat treatment.

Spheroidizing furnace equipment characteristics

With strong convection fan, the heat and protective atmosphere furnace formation of strong convection, significantly increase the cooling rate of the furnace temperature uniformity, ensure that the physical properties of the material of the uniform annealing. Special steel wire and rod microstructure after annealing is uniform, stable mechanical properties, surface decarburization layer without deepening tendency. Compared with the general annealing furnace, strong convection gas protecting spheroidizing annealing furnace is the advantage of the whole process of annealing furnace, protective gas at high speed all the time, orderly movement. This type of furnace loading, night low blow in, save energy, reduce the cost of. According to user requirements of various type of furnace loading quantity, specification size.

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