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RJ type vertical bright annealing furnace (vacuum)

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Equipment use

Nonferrous, ferrous metal material (vacuum) bright annealing or low oxygen annealing and other heat treatment.

Equipment characteristics

High efficiency and energy saving, wide application

In order to meet the higher annealing heat users and special treatment needs an appropriate device:

1) the internal furnace temperature, atmosphere uniform with full sealing water strong convective circulation fan;

2) EI films such as silicon steel, iron core, blackening with air black device;

3) in copper pipe bright annealing, adding pipe blowing device;

4) the workpiece carburizing carburizing (adding carbonitriding) device;

5) increase the strength of the furnace processing furnace corrugating;

6) the furnace cover hydraulic lifting device, operation device.

According to user requirements of various type of furnace loading quantity, specification size.

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